Better fill up soon, Gas Prices on the rise again!

Gas prices in the United States are on the rise, with a 6 cent increase per gallon in 1 day!  Why do we see this sudden increase?  Some say it is due to the Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s threat to destroy his country’s oil fields.  This threat is driving the price of crude oil to $100 per barrel, which hasn’t reached that level since 2008.  Since it has reached $100 per barrel for crude oil, we have seen a big jump in the United States gas prices on land and in the air.  Airlines are also incurring the higher fuel cost by adding an extra fuel surcharge to most flights.  These surcharges add about $20 to a round trip within the US and much more for an international flight. Visit Kimberley Vassal Insurance to learn what we can do for you!  


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