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How to get better Gas Mileage

gasmileageSummer is generally regarded as the big driving season, as families hit the road for small or large vacation trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  In order to help conserve fuel and money, GasBuddy offers a free smartphone app, which has been downloaded more than 25 million times to help motorists find the lowest gasoline prices in their area. In addition to the app, you can save money by improving your gas mileage with a few easy tips and techniques. For example, by utilizing cruise control one is able to maintain a constant speed over long distance, which often saves gas. To learn more ways to improve your gas mileage click here or visit



Help Your Vehicle and Home Recover from Winter

Winter_SpringIt’s finally beginning to feel like Spring across the area as the sunshine and warm temperatures begin to grace us with there presence. The beginning of Spring marks the end of the exceptionably harsh winter season much of the East Coast has experienced this year. It’s likely your vehicle as well as your home exhibit some signs of wear following the extreme temperature dips, snow and ice experienced this winter. Luckily, there are a number of helpful steps you can take to better restore them to their pre-winter condition. Take a look at the articles below in order to learn how to help your car and home recover from winter.

Keep in mind, with winter in the rear-view warmer days are soon to come! Let our agency help protect you from the unexpected, contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today for a Pennsylvania Home, Auto, or Business Insurance Quote,

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Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

There is a winter storm warning in effect for the Philadelphia area through late Tuesday night (Tuesday January 21, 2014). A winter storm warning means there is a potential for significant snow sleet or ice accumulations that may impact travel. Continue to monitor the latest forecasts and if traveling remain extra cautious! For tips on traveling in winter weather take a look at this article or visit Do you have a question about your auto insurance policy or want a free Pennsylvania auto insurance quote? At Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services we are happy to help with all your insurance related needs, contact one of our specialized agents today, 800.511.9377.

Are You Protected From Identity Theft?

The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Are you prepared to spend time and money if someone steals your identity?

Identity thieves may rent an apartment, obtain a credit card, or establish a telephone account in your name. You may not find out about the theft until you review your credit report or a credit card statement and notice charges you didn’t make or until you’re contacted by a debt collector. While some identity theft victims can resolve their problems quickly, others spend hundreds of dollars and many days repairing damage to their good name and credit record.

In many cases Identity Recovery Coverage can be added to your homeowners insurance policy. For more information about Identity Recovery Coverage or to read about Cyber Liability Coverage visit our homepage today,

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Cyber Liability Coverage (


Stay Safe This Winter

It feels as though winter has been among us for far to long and we still have to put up with the frigid temperatures and snow for another couple months! Winter weather is very unpredictable and can affect us in many different ways. Therefore, I wanted to share a few articles that will help keep you and your loved ones safe during the remaining winter months.

  • Prepare Before the Winter Storm Hits: It is important to know the weather terminology that may appear across the bottom of your television screen or on the local radio station. Also, it is important to Winterize your car before snowfall hits. To learn more about how to prepare for winter weather click here.
  • Protecting your car from auto theft: Law enforcement is warning drivers about the risks associated with leaving your car running unattended during the winter months. Leaving your car running can easily catch the attention of a car thief. Find out how to lower your chances of having your car stolen by clicking here.
  • Prevent Frozen Pipes During Winter Months: Did you know that when the water in a pipe freezes, it can explode and cause significant damage to the interior of your home. Learn how to prevent frozen pipes during the winter months by clicking here or visiting

At Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services, we are happy to review your insurance policies and answer any questions you may have. To speak with one of our specialized agents or to receive a free Pennsylvania Homeowners insurance quote contact us today by calling 800.511.9377.

10 things you need to know for Thursday

Late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories of interest:

1. U.S. cities brace for Occupy’s two-month anniversary. Organizers hope today’s rallies and marches will be their biggest yet.

2. The surprising results of AP’s worldwide information quest. What happens when you submit the same questions to more than 100 countries with right-to-know provisions? New democracies respond better than older ones.

3. A new U.N. push on Syria. European powers seek stronger condemnation after the Arab League demands Assad regime halt violence against civilians.

4. Mortgage crackdown could renew scrutiny of Google. The U.S. government targets scams touted on the Internet’s biggest marketing network.

5. The U.S. tax breaks that could be axed. A GOP proposal limits deductions for mortgage interest, charitable donations and state and local taxes.

6. Texas executions likely done for 2011. The nation’s most active capital punishment state puts Guadalupe Esparza to death for murdering a 7-year-old girl.

7. Local police say McQueary didn’t inform them of sex abuse. Neither campus nor city officers received reports from the Penn State graduate assistant who told a grand jury he saw Jerry Sandusky raping a boy in 2002.

8. Markets await U.S. jobless numbers. Out at 8:30 a.m.

9. There’s a new competitor for iTunes. Google’s digital music store opens a new front in its battle with Apple.

10. Prospective owner for Astros was forced to accept a big switch. The AP learns Major League Baseball told Houston businessman Jim Crane it would not approve his purchase, which could be announced today, unless he agreed to move to the American League.

Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick played with 2 broken ribs in loss to Arizona

Michael Vickmade no excuses for an awful performance, taking the blame for missing open receivers and throwing poor passes. Perhaps two broken ribs had something to do with it. Vick broke his two lower ribs on the second play of the Eagles’ 21-17 loss to Arizona on Sunday. He didn’t tell anyone that he was hurt and played through the pain.

Eagles vs Redskins 10.16.11

Image by Matthew Straubmuller via Flickr

“He didn’t say anything, not a word. He’s a tough nut,” coach Andy Reid said Monday. “He said he really just blanked it out and played is kind of what he said, and really didn’t think twice about it.”

Vick’s status for the next game at the New York Giants (6-3) is uncertain. He missed three games last year with a rib cartilage injury. The defending NFC East champion Eagles (3-6) are going nowhere in a season that began with Super Bowl aspirations. They have now lost five games in which they led in the fourth quarter. For more information on Vick and Eagles check out the full article here.