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A New Review from The Insurance Beer Snob

The Insurance Beer Snob is back with a brand new review this week! This time around Bill reviewed a rare beer from Founders Brewing Company, titled Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Check out the review below and visit our YouTube page for past reviews,

The Insurance Beer Snob Offers a New Review

This time around the Insurance Beer Snob reviews two beers! The first brew comes from Hops and Grain Brewery, titled Greenhouse IPA. The second is from Cigar City Brewing, titled Dry-Hopped On The High Seas Caribbean-Style IPA. Check out the review to learn more and visit Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s YouTube channel to watch past reviews!

Other Beer Reviews 

The Insurance Beer Snob

Hoping to film a new beer review video this week! In the mean time, check out the Insurance Beer Snob’s most recent review. Both beers come from Stone Brewing Company. The first is Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA and the second is titled 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale. Check back early next week for a brand new review!