April Showers Increase Auto Accidents

rain on windshieldApril showers bring May flowers is a term used to illustrate the traditionally rainy period of April, which gives way to May, when flowers will bloom. In addition to May flowers, the increased rainfall has the ability to hinder ones ability to drive. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are around 707,000 automobile crashes each year due to rain. To avoid weather-related auto accidents it is very important to learn how to safely maneuver a vehicle in the rain. This couldn’t be more prominent than in the month of April; when rainfall is very common. To learn how to safely drive in the rain take a look at this article titled, Tips For Driving in the Rain. For additional questions or to receive a Pennsylvania auto insurance quote visit our website, www.kimberleyvassal.com.

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Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

It’s suppose to be very rainy across the area the next couple days. The rain, along with holiday traveling, may cause serious delays and safety issues. Therefore, I wanted to share this short video that explains some safety tips to keep in mind while driving in the rain. For a free Pennsylvania Auto Insurance quote visit our website today, http://www.kimberleyvassal.com.

Winter to rear its ugly head this weekend

Snow Cat

A storm has potential to bring the most significant snowfall of the season from part of the Midwest to part of the central Appalachians and on to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and perhaps New York City. However, there still some uncertainties with the storm track.

Essentially, the 50- to 100-mile wide band of heavy snow will be right along the northern and northwestern edge of the rainstorm this weekend in the Eastern states. If you wander a few miles on either side of this zone, wherever it sets up, you are not likely to get accumulating snow.

Along the I-95 in the mid-Atlantic, the storm track is very critical for precipitation type in the Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia areas, as to whether snow, rain or a wintry mix falls. It is also critical for New York City as to whether or not the prime snow area reaches this far north. Since the air is only marginally cold, it will have to snow hard to bring a substantial accumulation. Otherwise, much of it may melt as it falls.