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What Kind of Protection Does Homeowners Insurance Provide?

PA Home Insurance Homeowners Insurance is a very common class of insurance that is enacted to provide protection in the event of an accident or disaster. However, it offers more then just protection against damage and theft, it also offers piece of mind and security. If disaster strikes, the last thing you should worry about is money and how you will afford to recover. If you’re like many and don’t necessarily understand the details that lie in a common homeowners insurance policy take a look at this article, The Importance of Homeowners Insurancewhich provides three basic ways you’re covered with a typical homeowners insurance policy. Overall, the article offers a good foundation of what’s covered in a typical homeowners insurance policy, but to learn even more about homeowners insurance or to receive a free Pennsylvania insurance quote  contact our agency today, www.kimberleyvassal.com.

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Soleil Reverie By Saint Somewhere & Intangible Ales

This time around, The Insurance Beer Snob reviews a collaboration beer from Saint Somewhere Brewing of Florida and Intangible Ales of Pennsylvania, titled Soleil Reverie. Check out the review video below to learn more! Visit our YouTube page to see more reviews, Youtube.com/KimberleyVassal.

April Showers Increase Auto Accidents

rain on windshieldApril showers bring May flowers is a term used to illustrate the traditionally rainy period of April, which gives way to May, when flowers will bloom. In addition to May flowers, the increased rainfall has the ability to hinder ones ability to drive. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are around 707,000 automobile crashes each year due to rain. To avoid weather-related auto accidents it is very important to learn how to safely maneuver a vehicle in the rain. This couldn’t be more prominent than in the month of April; when rainfall is very common. To learn how to safely drive in the rain take a look at this article titled, Tips For Driving in the Rain. For additional questions or to receive a Pennsylvania auto insurance quote visit our website, www.kimberleyvassal.com.

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A New Review from The Insurance Beer Snob

The Insurance Beer Snob is back with a brand new review this week! This time around Bill reviewed a rare beer from Founders Brewing Company, titled Kentucky Breakfast Stout. Check out the review below and visit our YouTube page for past reviews, http://www.youtube.com/KimberleyVassal.

Stay Safe On St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching and everyone will soon be celebrating. Even though, the official day of celebration is not until Monday, March 17, many of the annual festivities will begin this weekend. Whether you plan on celebrating by visiting a parade with the family or a local pub with friends, it is important to keep safety in mind. Take a look at this article, St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips, which provides some important tips to ensure the safety and protection of yourself and the ones you care about. From everyone here at Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services, we wish you a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Are you properly insured?

Not having the proper insurance coverage can be detrimental to not only you but the ones you care most about. However, making sure you have the right protection can be very time consuming and confusing. That’s were we come in, we here at Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services are happy to review your insurance policies and answer any question you may have. Contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today by phone, 800.511.9377 or by visiting our website, http://www.kimberleyvassal.com. Below are a few helpful and important articles regarding insurance coverage.

  • Cyber Liability Coverage: As you shop online for deals, virtual scam artists can be simultaneously shopping for your identity. Find out how to better protect you and your business with cyber liability coverage by clicking here.
  • Protecting your car from auto theft: It’s tempting to warm up your car before getting into it during the winter season, but leaving your car running unattended puts you and your vehicle at risk. Learn more by reading the full article here.
  • Avoid the Five Biggest Insurance Mistakes: There are many ways to save on home and auto insurance. Be careful, though, not to make mistakes that could result in your being dangerously underinsured. Click here to read about the five biggest insurance mistakes that people make.