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Soleil Reverie By Saint Somewhere & Intangible Ales

This time around, The Insurance Beer Snob reviews a collaboration beer from Saint Somewhere Brewing of Florida and Intangible Ales of Pennsylvania, titled Soleil Reverie. Check out the review video below to learn more! Visit our YouTube page to see more reviews,

New Beer Review Coming Next Week

Next week we will releasing a brand new beer review from the official Insurance Beer Snob, Bill Jeppe! This time around Bill reviews a special imperial stout from Founders Brewing known as the Kentucky Breakfast Stout. For the time being, check out some past reviews on our YouTube channel, Breakfast Stout

The Insurance Beer Snob is Back!

This Friday, March 21, 2014, we will be releasing a brand new beer review video by our very own, Bill Jeppe! In the meantime, check out some of the past reviews on our YouTube channel, Review

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Victory Swing Session Saison Review

Bill Jeppe is Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s official Beer Snob. This week he reviews a new brew from Victory titled Swing Session Saison. described it as, “A lively jazz rhythm, a vigorous sway, a change of view or even a roll in the proverbial hay. Now it also means the welcome jolt of joy you’ll experience upon your first sip of this session saison. Bracing, but benign, this Belgian style ale enlivens any experience with a spicy, aromatic start, citrus snap and fresh finish.” Swing into spring with this awesome beer from Victory!


Dogfish Head Sixty-One Beer Review

Bill Jeppe is Kimberley Vassal Insurance’s official Beer Snob. This week he reviews the brand new Dogfish Head “Test Batch” Sixty-One. Released on Feb 1, 2013, Sixty-One is a new brewpub exclusive based on the fan favorite 60 Minute IPA. For this one we used the same hops as 60 Minute IPA, but doubled up on dry hopping and added a generous dose of Syrah grape must during fermentation. For more information visit


New Beer Review Coming Next Week!

Looking forward to a new beer review? The wait is almost over! This week myself and Bill Jeppe, The Insurance Beer Snob, will be filming a brand new beer review. Bill has a new Victory beer on tap to review, as well as another brew but you’ll have to tune in next week to see what that is… In the mean time check out Bill’s most recent beer review!