How to get better Gas Mileage

gasmileageSummer is generally regarded as the big driving season, as families hit the road for small or large vacation trips between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  In order to help conserve fuel and money, GasBuddy offers a free smartphone app, which has been downloaded more than 25 million times to help motorists find the lowest gasoline prices in their area. In addition to the app, you can save money by improving your gas mileage with a few easy tips and techniques. For example, by utilizing cruise control one is able to maintain a constant speed over long distance, which often saves gas. To learn more ways to improve your gas mileage click here or visit



5 Tips to Find the Cheapest Gas Prices

I recently came across this article on which explains some easy ways to safe money at the pump. These tips will not save you a fortune but will definitely help in the long run! Check the 5 tips out below and start saving.

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1. Track Prices Via Websites and Mobile Apps

Is your local station gauging you? The only way to know is to be aware of what you should be paying. Thanks to the Internet, drivers can drill down and find the average price by zip code. Laskoski’s, or scores of other web sites or mobile applications make it easy to find gas stations taking the least amount of profit from consumers.


2. Inconvenience Yourself

It shouldn’t come as much of a shock but the easier it is to find a gas station, the more you’re going to pay. Laskoski says gas stations just off the highway cost more than others just down the way. If you’re willing to spend an extra ten minutes in your car you can find stations that make it time well spent. And, avoid affluent areas; that gas station conveniently existing right in the middle of town is likely charging a premium.

3. Fill Up at the Right Time

Urban legend says gas prices are lowest during hours when most folks are sleeping, from midnight to 5am. Laskoski debunks that myth, but says there is a best time to fill-up that most people wouldn’t think of: Wednesday. Gas prices are highest on weekends when the most people are out on the road. Filling up in the middle of the week saves you both sleep and money.

4. Mind the Fine Print on Your Credit Card & Reward Programs

Many companies offer “club” membership at their stations but the real savings come somewhere else. Liskoski says to look for partnerships between your local gas retailer and other merchants. Often times pairing the right card with the right grocery store is where you’ll find the benefits.

5. Get Out of the Car (Opt for Self-Service)

Despite the near-death of full-service, many gas stations will give you the option of having an attendant fill it up. The next time you’re tempted, take note of the premium being charged per gallon and start doing some math. At a reasonable-sounding quarter per gallon premium, you’re going to pay $5 more to fill a 20 gallon tank. One stop per week for a year works out to $260 a year for the right to sit in your car.

Gas prices likely to have hit bottom

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After two months of decline, gasoline prices have hit the bottom for this summer and are likely to remain stable or increase slightly, an expert said. After International Energy Agency announced it will release its emergency oil stock to make up for the loss of Libyan oil, some members of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries implied they will cut their output to keep the prices up. “I don’t see $4 a gallon as imminent, but it’s certainly possible,” said Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for “I don’t see the prices going lower than where we are today.” For more about gas prices, read the full story by clicking here.