Tips for Driving in Winter Weather

There is a winter storm warning in effect for the Philadelphia area through late Tuesday night (Tuesday January 21, 2014). A winter storm warning means there is a potential for significant snow sleet or ice accumulations that may impact travel. Continue to monitor the latest forecasts and if traveling remain extra cautious! For tips on traveling in winter weather take a look at this article or visit Do you have a question about your auto insurance policy or want a free Pennsylvania auto insurance quote? At Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services we are happy to help with all your insurance related needs, contact one of our specialized agents today, 800.511.9377.

Keep Your Holiday Gifts Safe

The holiday shopping season is here, and the National Retail Federation predicts holiday sales to rise 3.9 percent to $602.1 billion this year. That’s a lot of money being spent on gifts for loved ones, making homes a big target for theft during the holiday season. If you have jewelry, electronics or other big ticket items on your wish list this year, make sure you’re protected long after the gift wrap and ornaments are put away.

Make sure your valuables are covered:

  • Have the gift appraised. This can help establish the item’s value. If a piece of jewelry is an antique or was purchased several years ago, it will need to be appraised for a dollar value. While it might be difficult to put a price tag on sentimental value, this is a necessity to ensure your priceless possessions are accounted for and protected.
  • Check your insurance coverage. Review your current policy to make sure your valuables are covered. Most homeowners and renters insurance policies do include coverage for expensive personal items but many policies will limit the reimbursement amount if they are stolen. In this case, you might want to purchase an additional rider to expand the coverage on the policy.
  • Consider expanded policy coverage. For an additional premium (the amount paid for coverage), you can increase your coverage limits for each theft loss. Your insurance agent can help you decide what makes sense, based on the value of your items.
  • Keep your store receipt. Save it with your home inventory records and take a picture of the item. Photos and documentation will help speed up the claims process if you ever have to file one.
  • Store the item in a secure location. If it’s something that you don’t use on a regular basis, you may want to consider keeping it in a safe deposit box. Otherwise, use an in-home lock box.
  • Get a home security system. Consider installing a home security system for added protection. Many times, just having a sign in your yard from the home security company is enough to dissuade intruders. 
  • Alert the authorities and your insurance agent. Should your items go missing or you suspect theft, fill out a police report and alert your insurance agent right away. This will speed up the claims process and will probably increase the likelihood of getting your personal items returned.

This holiday season, if you want to make sure your valuables are protected, talk with a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent to find out just what your options are. For more information visit our website,

Six Things to Consider When Buying Renters Insurance

Wondering if Renters Insurance is worth it? Well put it plainly, Yes! Considering renters experience 50 percent more burglaries than homeowners, not having insurance is scary. A good renters insurance policy will have several key coverages. Below are six things to consider when buying renters insurance:

  • Figure out how much your stuff is worth. “There is value to everything when it comes to renters insurance,” says Terry McConnell, vice president, Personal Lines Underwriting, at ERIE.. “Most people underestimate the value of their contents, but once they itemize them, they realize there’s a dramatic difference from what they initially thought.”
  • Decide between actual cash value and replacement cost. Actual cash value takes depreciation into account when calculating the worth of your belongings. So if you bought a brand new laptop for $1,000 five years ago, you’ll only be reimbursed for what the laptop is worth in today’s dollars minus depreciation. Replacement cost is a better option: It reimburses you for the original value of the item (or one of similar kind and quality at today’s replacement cost if the item is no longer available) and costs only slightly more than actual cash value.
  • Choose a deductible. Think about how much premium savings you’d want from picking a higher deductible and how much you could afford to pay out of pocket should you experience a loss.
  • Think about extra protection for any valuables. If you own pricey items like jewelry, furs or silverware, you’ll probably want to add an endorsement to your renters insurance policy to make sure they’re fully covered.
  • Pick a liability limit. “Think about all the ways you could accidentally hurt someone,” says McConnell, “and you’ll see there are many.” If your dog bites another animal or person, you’ll be held responsible, for example. That kind of lawsuit can get pretty costly if the injured person has any long-lasting physical scars or impairments. (If you’re concerned about having enough liability protection, consider an umbrella policy that offers an extra $1 to $5 million in coverage.)

For more information on Buying Renters Insurance contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today or visit our website for a free insurance quote,


Insurance for Small Business Owners

Owning a business can be stressful.  As a small business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate.  That’s why Kimberley Vassal Insurance agents are here to help if anything happens to your business.

Do you need to file a business claim? It’s very easy to do. We have agents who can walk you through the process step-by-step. Or, if it’s easier, you can file it online by visting After you’ve reported the loss to us, here’s what will happen:

1)    The report will be assigned to a claims adjuster, and receive a claim number. That person will be in touch to make sure we have all the facts, assess coverage and estimate the damage.

2)    After the claim is opened, you’ll be kept informed. The amount of time it takes to complete the claims process depends on the amount of damage.

It can be helpful to keep a file with the following information: the business name as spelled on your insurance policy, policy number, claim number, your adjuster’s name and phone number, and all your correspondence with the adjuster. Have this information with you when you talk to your adjuster. It will make the whole process go easier! For a free Pennsylvania business insurance quote visit our website today

Protecting Your Future With Life Insurance

Let’s be honest, insurance is one of those decisions you have to get right. But figuring out how much coverage you need, which coverages you need, what discounts you qualify for, getting a good price… None of this is easy if you’re trying to do it all alone, or talking to a faceless voice on the phone.

We here at Kimberley Vassal make insurance decisions as easy as we can. For many of you, we’ve walked you through the details of car insurance in the past, making sure you have the coverage to keep you on the road. We hope that it was a painless experience that got you the coverage you need at a rate you can afford. Having the right car insurance is important, after all: it’s the law.

However, there’s another kind of insurance decision that’s even more important. Not because it’s required by law, but because it protects the most precious gifts in the world: your family. Getting your life insurance right is crucial. We hope you lead a long, happy life. We hope that your life insurance just becomes a sweet memento for those loved ones to remember you by. But life doesn’t always turn out that way. In case the end is unexpected, or leaves bills behind, life insurance can help make sure your family stays financially secure, even in the face of the unknown. Let us work for you, for a Pennsylvania life insurance quote contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today by visiting our website

Five Common Auto Insurance Myths

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Misinformation, rumor, hearsay. There’s some in every industry, though the detailed and sometimes complex nature of auto insurance makes it particularly prone to misconceptions. In a recent article posted by they reported Eight Common Auto Insurance Myths… Below are five of the most important, to view the full article visit or click here.

Myth 1: Older cars always cost less to insure

The truth: Not necessarily. While the age of your vehicle may influence your rate in certain cases, insurers look at many aspects of your car. “Typically an older car will probably be less costly, however, it depends on the car,” says Loretta Worters, vice president of the Insurance Information Institute. “Rates are based on not just the age of the car, but how popular they are with thieves, difficult to get parts, cost of the parts, etc.”

Myth 2: Red cars cost more to insure

The truth: The color of your car makes no difference to insurers, according to the Oklahoma Department of Insurance. The majority of insurers care only about the make, model, and miles on your vehicle, not the hue. So go ahead and paint it like a candy cane or a football, your insurance rate shouldn’t budge.

Myth 3: Cheaper insurance is always better

The truth: Being too frugal when selecting an auto insurance policy may cost you more in the event of an accident. According to a press release from the III, “In today’s litigious society, buying only the minimum amount of liability insurance means you are likely to pay more out-of-pocket for losses incurred after an accident and those costs may be steep.” Liability insurance refers to insurance that protects you if your vehicle does damage to something or someone else.

Myth 4: Bad credit won’t affect auto insurance rates

The truth: It’s true, in most states, bad credit can hurt. According to the III, insurance companies frequently create their own scores based on your credit history this is called a credit-based insurance score, to determine your car insurance rate. These scores are used when you buy, renew, or alter your auto insurance, as credit-based insurance scores are interpreted as a direct reflection of your fiscal responsibility. If you don’t have good credit, your rates will likely be affected.

Myth 5: Older drivers always pay more

The truth: Though age can be one of the major determinants of the regular rate (or “premium”) you pay for coverage, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, being older doesn’t necessarily mean paying more.

Gas Prices Drop For Now

Gas prices have fallen over the past two weeks, continuing their slide despite an increase in crude oil prices, according to a survey published Sunday. The average price of regular gasoline is $3.29 a gallon, the Lundberg Survey found. That’s down 9 cents from two weeks earlier, and down a total of 18 cents over the past six weeks, said publisher Trilby Lundberg.

While crude oil prices rose $3.55 a barrel over the past two weeks, gas prices fell due to “shrinkage in the profit margins of the downstream portion of the oil industry — that is, refiners and retailers,” Lundberg said. “They were unable to pass through the higher oil prices because American motorists’ demand for gasoline continues to shrink due to hard economic conditions.” However, it’s unlikely prices will continue to fall, Lundberg said., because refiners and retailers “will not be able to sustain losses on and on.” “It will all depend on what crude oil does,” she added. The latest average gas price is 38 cents higher than it was a year ago. For more information check out the full article at