Shop Safely Online This Holiday Season

With the holiday season among us many people will be turning to there computers in order to shop online because it’s fast and convenient. But is it safe? The answer is often no. That’s because as you shop online for deals, virtual scam artists can be simultaneously shopping for your identity. Whether you’re using a traditional computer, a tablet or a mobile device, these tips will help you shop online safely this holiday season!

  • Beware of misspelling the site you intend on visiting—and be wary about shopping at sites that end in anything other than .com.
  • Remember that any page that lets you enter credit card information should start with https:// and include a locked padlock icon.
  • Use credit, rather than debit, cards when you shop online. Debit card information is easier to steal, and it takes longer to recover any stolen funds.
  • Refrain from making purchases via a public Wi-Fi connection—open connections can give hackers direct access to your personal information.
  • If a site requires you to log in, choose a strong password that doesn’t in any way relate to your personal information.
  • Make sure that any built-in firewalls are turned on and that any security software you have is up to date.

Sometimes even the most careful cyber shoppers fall prey to identity theft–and that ends up costing victims a lot of time and money. For a free Pennsylvania insurance quote visit our website,


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