Repair Garage Safety Tips

With millions of vehicles on the road, there are plenty of cars that need repairs, routine maintenance and fuel. As your auto repair shop keeps pace with customer demands, be sure to maintain business safety practices as well. As an employer, you must routinely assess your workplace to look for potential hazards like flammable materials such as gasoline or fuel-soaked rags. Learn to minimize the safety risks at your business by developing safe habits.

How are you handling fuel?

When it comes to fuel, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends reviewing these questions:

  1. Are employees prohibited from fueling an internal combustion engine with a flammable liquid while the engine is running?
  2. When spillage occurs during fueling operations, is the spilled fuel washed away completely, evaporated or are other measures taken to control vapors before restarting the engine?
  3. Are fuel tank caps replaced and secured before starting the engine?
  4. In fueling operations, is there metal contact between the container and the fuel tank?
  5. Are fueling hoses designed to handle the specific type of fuel?
  6. Are employees prohibited from handling or transferring gasoline in open containers?
  7. Are open lights, open flames, sparking or arcing equipment prohibited near fueling or transfer of fuel operations?
  8. Is smoking prohibited near fueling operations?
  9. Are fueling operations prohibited in buildings or other enclosed areas that are not specifically ventilated for this purpose?
  10.  Where fueling is done through a gravity flow system, are the nozzles self-closing?

So how did you do? Remember, all businesses – even the most safety conscious – have hazards that can result in property, liability, business income, vehicle and workers’ compensation losses. For a free Pennsylvania Business Insurance quote visit our website today,

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