Best Times To Travel over Labor Day Weekend

With more than 34.1 million Americans expected to travel for the holiday, including 460,000 from the Philadelphia area, knowing when to leave can make a big difference. The largest share of travelers expect to head out on Friday, according to AAA, which found 46 percent expect to travel then.

In terms of coming home, AAA found that 43 percent of travelers plan to return on Monday. If you want to avoid the return home traffic, Sunday might be your best bet, because the study also found that 85 percent of travelers expect to return home on Monday or later. The top five activities for Labor Day travelers are:

  • Dining Out: 69%
  • Shopping: 54%
  • Visit the beach/waterfront: 53%
  • Touring/Sightseeing: 53%
  • Visit friends/relatives: 46%

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