Protecting Your Restaurant

We’ve all heard horror stories of lawsuits against restaurants, like the woman who sued because her coffee was too hot. While it’s impossible to completely protect yourself against litigation, there are a few steps you can take to reduce your liability, and reduce your chance of landing in court.

One of the most crucial ways to protect your business is to train your staff on proper alcohol service. If a patron is drunk, leaves your establishment, and gets into an accident, your restaurant may be liable. Reduce your risk by training your staff to recognize customers who’ve had too much to drink, and how to politely cut them off.

For generalized risk, from slips and falls to flies in soup, protect yourself with liability insurance. With this extra layer of protection, your business can survive even nasty lawsuits and come back better than ever. For more information on Restaurant liability coverage contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today,


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