Ski-Resort Once Located in Chadds Ford

I was doing some research on Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania yesterday when I came across an interesting article that provided background information on a ski-resort known as Chadds Peak  that was once located right here in our backyard. After reading further into the article I was astonished to find that the resort was located just down the road from Kimberley Vassal Insurance! I thought this was very interesting as I have been a resident of the Chadds Ford area for quite sometime now and have never heard about Chadds Peak. Below is some information I gathered from the article originally reported by

The overgrown trails of Chadds Peak.

The Lost Ski Areas article stated that Marie Paciaroni and her late husband Richard started Chadds Peak in 1963. Maria Paciaroni stated the ski-area was started because “my husband and I were both school teachers looking to supplement our income. Twenty years and many skiers later we were ready to retire and sold the business to an Asian company who was interested in the ski area.” The article went on to state that the ski-area closed five years later due to multiple business issues.

Apparently, the property sat idle for many years to follow and after several attempts to develop it, they just did what was necessary to keep the property decent but abandoned. As of 2006, Paciaroni said, “They finally sold the property to an investment broker from Kennett Square, PA who put a lot of money into renovating the barn buildings inside and out. He now runs his investment firm from the barn.”

Although I never had the opportunity to visit Chadds Peak, it seemed like a wonderful venue for Chadds Ford residents to not only learn how to ski but come together as a community. For more information check out the full article by visiting or click here.


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