Philadelphia Amongst The Worst Commuting City

Even during rush hours without the threat of a winter storm, getting to and from work in the Philadelphia area is among the country’s worst commuting experiences, according to U.S. Census Bureau data and an analysis from the website Nerd Wallet. The Census Bureau this week released commuting data for states and counties and issued detailed reports on certain metropolitan areas, including Philadelphia. Below is the information and analysis that was reported.

  • Who’s Commuting?

About 253,000 people commute into Philadelphia from the suburbs, including 60,000 from Montgomery County, 51,000 from Delaware County and 11,000 from Chester County.

Philadelphia residents, meanwhile, commute to work in the suburbs in the following numbers: about 60,000 to Montgomery County, 17,000 to Delaware County and 7,000 to Chester County.

  • Lost Time, But Less Lost Money

Nerd Wallet tallied annual delays per commuter, cost of gas and population density to get city rankings for those who drive to work. It estimated the average Philadelphia commuter is delayed 48 hours a year in the car, yet pays slightly less than the national average for gasoline.

  • Who’s Worse Off?

Coming in at 10th-worst nationwide, Philadelphia’s commute was considered less terrible than those in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, Oakland, Honolulu and Portland, OR.

  • Carpooling? Public Transportation?

Exactly half of Philadelphia workers drove to the office alone in 2011, less than the 76 percent national average, according to the Census Bureau. Meanwhile, about a quarter of them used public transportation, far more than the 5 percent national average.

More statistics on Philadelphia commutes are available at the Census Bureau’s Factfinder website.


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