Spring Cleaning Safety Tips

The first day of Spring is right around the corner (March 20, 2013) and you know what that means… Homeowners will begin partaking in the annual Spring cleaning tradition! We here at Kimberley Vassal want to remind homeowners of the importance of safety during the clean-up process; injuries and accidents can occur at anytime. Below are a few Spring Cleaning safety tips to keep in mind. After your done cleaning up around the house, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your Homeowners Insurance. Contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent for a complete policy review as well as a complimentary home insurance quote for your Tri-State area home!

  • Take A Time Out: Before tearing into a task like there is no tomorrow, take a few minutes to think the job through. Simple tasks like cleaning under the bed or dusting a shelf are relatively simple, but more advanced jobs like cleaning a ceiling fan or clearing out those gutters may require a fair bit of planning. Try to think about what might go wrong and figure out the best way to handle the chore.
  • When In Doubt Wait For Help: If a spring cleaning job is going to require two people, wait for help. Sure that couch may look light, but try moving that thing on your own and you may be surprised. Maybe just vacuum the cushions until help arrives. Some tasks are better left to a team, like moving the fridge to clean underneath.
  • Evaluate Your Use Of A Ladder: Want to ruin your day real fast, fall off a ladder. Even short falls can result is terrible injuries. When using ladders never reach or overextend yourself. Always practice the three point rule: either two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand on the ladder at all times. Inspect the ladder before you climb, and check the area the ladder is going to be resting on for anything that might cause it to wobble.
  • Wear The Right Hand Protection: All those chemicals can do a number on your hands. Remember to wear a glove that is appropriate to the task at hand, (get it, task at hand.) Avoid jamming your unprotected hands into hard to reach areas, you never know what might be hiding in those crevices. If carrying debris and trash use a tough leather work glove, dusting may call for a cotton glove, but using harsh chemicals calls for rubber or latex gloves. Protect those hands, you are not likely to get another pair.
  • Wear Eye Protection: Safety glasses or goggles should be worn when working around dust and debris. Just like your hands, you only have one pair of eyes and they are worth protecting. Goggles will protect your eyes when cleaning the oven or using cleansers or other chemicals, and safety glasses with side shields will protect your eyes from anything that might fly up during the spring cleaning blitz.


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