National Wedding Month

Did you know that February is considered national wedding month, according to the Association of Bridal Consultants. You may be thinking, who gets married in February? Well to answer the question, not many. However, many brides are frantically making their last minute preparations for their Spring and or Summer wedding. We here at Kimberley Vassal Insurance wanted to remind everyone the importance of wedding insurance! Amidst the many details involved in planning a wedding, it pays to add the purchase of a wedding insurance policy to your list. Odds are you won’t need it, but what if you do? You might be surprised what these policies cover. For a free wedding insurance quote visit our website today,

Rescheduling: Wedding insurance covers the rescheduling of the wedding for several reasons:

  • Weather severe enough to cancel the wedding or prevent many guests from attending;
  • Inability of important people to attend (i.e., officiate or photographer) due to illness or injury;
  • Changes in the bride or groom’s job due to relocation or unemployment.
  • A military bride or groom is called to service, or has their leave revoked.
  • Many companies will also insure against terrorist activities and airport delays or shutdowns.

Replacement: Many policies will cover the cost of replacing lost or damaged wedding materials: 

  • If photographs or negatives are lost or damaged, some policies will cover the cost of gathering the wedding parties for the purpose of re-shooting the photos.
  • The replacement of lost or stolen wedding bands can also be covered.
  • Lost, stolen, and damaged gifts can also be included in the policy.
  • Lost, stolen, and damaged wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, and other attire can also be replaced or repaired under a wedding policy.

Reimbursement: Many wedding policies can also be designed to reimburse parties for certain losses: 

  • Deposits lost to vendors who go out of business before providing services.
  • Honeymoon costs when a wedding has to be canceled or postponed.


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