Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Christmas lights (1)

With the Christmas season upon us, families are rushing out to get fresh-cut trees to place in their living rooms and lights to hang all around the house. Although these are fun holiday traditions, it is important to keep safety in mind… The last thing you want is an accident to ruin your holiday. Below are  a few holiday safety tips to keep in mind when decorating around the house. For a free Pennsylvania homeowners insurance quote visit our website today,!

  • Be sure that electrical circuits and extension cords are properly rated and not overloaded.
  • Use only lights and electric decorations that carry the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety label.
  • Before reusing last year’s lights, inspect them for damage to wires or sockets.
  • Always unplug a light string or decoration before replacing fuses or bulbs.
  • To avoid overheating or damage, never run electrical cords under rugs.
  • Be sure to look for overhead power lines before raising or climbing a ladder outdoors.
  • Use only outdoor-approved lighting and extension cords when decorating outdoors.
  • Plug outdoor lights and decorations into outlets protected by Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
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