Apple Releasing iPad Mini

Apple is expected to announce the iPad Mini this coming Tuesday, a pint-sized version of its iconic tablet. Being an Apple fan myself, I am very curious of what the new iPad Mini will look like and how it will differ from its “big brother” the iPad 2. Apple itself hasn’t offered any information on the new iPad, or even acknowledged its existence, but do to a number of leaks and rumors we have a good idea what the new release will have in store for us and after doing some research myself I found this article via with some good information:

Screen Size

Current rumors peg the iPad Mini sporting either a 7.85- or 7-inch screen. That puts it in the same class as the Nexus 7, Google’s darling tablet that debuted earlier this year, as well as Amazon’s newKindle Fire HD 7.


While it’s a certainty the iPad Mini will be priced lower than the original iPad, that’s about all we know about how Apple will position it. While other 7-inch tablets draw customers with a low price point (typically starting at $199), for Apple such a low price would put the iPad Mini in direct competition with the even smaller-screen iPod touch, which starts at $299.

Lightning Connector

Debuting earlier this year in the iPhone 5, Apple’s Lightning connector will no doubt be the connector of choice for the iPad Mini (and all of its mobile products going forward). However, that means the new tablet, much like the iPhone 5, isn’t going to work with a number of different accessories without the help of an adapter.

Launch Date

Current rumors point to Apple launching the iPad Mini a week after Tuesday’s announcement, Nov. 2. While the tablet may or may not hit stores that day, a launch in early November is certain capitalizing on the holiday season is an obvious part of Apple’s timing.



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