Wilmington, Delaware Ranked Highest in Dangerous Cities in America

Downtown and the

Downtown and the (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An employee at our office, Bill Jeppe; recently sent me over this article about the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America.” When I first saw the article I figured Bill emailed me it because Philadelphia was on the list, but I was wrong. Little did I know our neighboring city/state of Wilmington Delaware, was not only on the list, but was number one! Bill actually lives in Wilmington, Delaware and I have been there a number of times and never thought of it as “The Most Dangerous City in America.” I was very shocked by this news and wanted to share the article with everyone in case they were unaware of the high crime rate etc. happening throughout Wilmington. If you ever find yourself traveling in or around Wilmington, Delaware make sure to be extra careful, for a free Delaware Insurance Quote visit our website today http://www.kimberleyvassal.com! Check out an excerpt of the article below, view the full article here.

The recent economic recession hit cities hard. According to the Justice Department, by the end of 2011 nearly 12,000 police officers lost their jobs making it harder to keep peace and order in cities already struggling to fight high crime rates. The highly publicized shooting of Trayvon Martin recently brought to light Florida’s controversial “stand your ground” law which allows people to shoot first and ask questions later when defending their home turf, which makes you wonder at Florida’s heavy appearance on our worst cities for safety:

1. Wilmington, Delaware

A short drive from South Philly and Camden and midway between New York and Washington, Wilmington managed to snag the number one spot on our list for highest rate of violent crimes per 100,000 people. And while the overall state of Delaware ranked moderately well in the peace index (which looked at factors such as police per capita, percentage of population behind bars and access to small arms), Wilmington came in the top spot for sex offenders per capita.

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