Skype: A Powerful Business Tool

Tuesday was a groundbreaking day for Kimberley Vassal Insurance, We had our first ever meeting via Skype! I know Skype has been around for a few years and it’s nothing new but for people who are unsure what exactly Skype is here is a brief explanation; “Skype is a popular computer program that enables users to set up profiles, make free phone calls, chat, and video chat through their computer or mobile device from any point around the world.” In my opinion for an Agency Skype can be a very powerful tool because it can allow face to face video conference calls with clients. Instead of having to travel all around the area, which takes up a lot of time, gas, and untimely money you could setup a Skype meeting! Now I’m not saying Skype is good for all meetings or conferences because lets face it the most successful way to speak with a person is live in person. I do believe though it is a great tool that Kimberley Vassal Insurance will begin to utilize much more and I highly suggest other companies and agencies to check out! For more information on Skype and how it works click here.


  1. In my opinion,skype with me is an easy way for better work and faster communication for my loveones especially I missed them. Especially when I am excited tell them that having a new kimberley tours is extraordinary thing….

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