July is National Grilling Month!

What better month to celebrate Nation Grilling Month then in July! Perfect weather and longer days make the month of July the perfect time to celebrate.  Whether you think barbecuing requires gas or charcoal, or that ribs should only be parboiled, or if you insist that asparagus must be sautéed with olive oil, it is time to fire up the BBQ. Below are some tips for a successful outdoor cooking season courtsey of www.hpba.org

  • Choose a Grill or Smoker – With the majority of grill and smoker owners cooking year-round (62%), not to mention the fact that 56% of grill/smoker owners are cooking outdoors one to two times per week during the peak outdoor cooking season, it’s important to choose a grill/smoker that best fits your outdoor cooking lifestyle. Sixty-nine percent of households that own a grill or smoker own a gas product, followed by charcoal (47%) and electric (7%)*.
  • Accessorize – Traditional tools of the barbecue trade such as cleaning brushes, long-handled tongs, spatulas and meat thermometers are musts, but dozens of new accessories cooking outdoors easier and more fun than ever before. Among all grill/smoker owners, the most popular utensils are long-handled tongs (72%), grill-cleaning brushes (68%), long-handled fork (60%) and long-handled spatulas (54%)*.
  • Savor the Flavor – Flavorful food is a key component to the cookout. Consumers said they prefer their food tender (57%) and juicy (56%), but also smoky (44%), savory (42%) and spicy (21%). Pending the grill used, the cooking techniques can make all the difference when it comes to the flavor profile. Take a risk this season – try a different pellet flavor, use a different dry rub, or marinade to achieve grilling gold.
  • Think Location – While the majority of consumers (63%) favor hosting or attending a cookout in someone’s backyard, today’s equipment is so versatile that consumers can easily adjust their cookout to their surroundings. In fact, 14% preferred the beach and 8% prefer firing up the grill at a park. Easy, practical and durable, consider portable grills and smokers for non-backyard cookouts. These grills/smokers are key to getting the party started no matter the location.
  • Know your budget – Whatever the budget, consumers can find a grill or smoker that fits their means. Basic backyard grills can sell for as little as $50 while top-of-the-line gourmet grills can sell for $5,000 or more. With cooking outdoors on the rise as a year-round activity, money saving remains stop priority for consumers, and is a main reason why they normally cook on the grill or smoker*.
  • Check the Pantry – Consumers looking for a reason to cook outside this grilling season should look no further than their own pantries. Taking a cue from the carefree spirit of summer, households who cook outdoors are more inclined to not use a recipe and just “wing it” (36%) followed by using a tried and true, classic recipe (34%) or an easy, no-fuss recipe (33%).

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