Keep Energy Bills Low while staying Cool this Summer

We all know how extremely hot it can be during the summer months and if your like me all you want to do is crank the A/C and lay around after a hards day work, unfortunately this is not be the most effective way to save money. I read a study recently that stated both combined, heating and cooling make up nearly 56 percent of home energy use and the largest energy expenses in the average American home. So when I came across this article via explaining energy-saving tips to help you stay cool this summer, while keeping the costs low I just had to read more. Below are a few tips they suggested to help you keep cool without “burning” away all of your money.

  1. Seal Any Air Leaks. Weatherstrip any area that allows hot air into your home and cool air out. Seal up windows, skylights and doors with caulking from your local hardware store. Also, install white or other light colored window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away from the house during the summertime.
  2. Don’t Cool an Empty House. Leaving the house for the day or a few days? Turn up the thermostat to 85 degrees. Try to keep the temperature around 75 degrees while you are home to reduce your energy costs.
  3. Turn on the Fans. Ventilation using house fans is the most energy efficient way to cool your home, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. You can even turn up your thermostat while using fans because the air circulation cools down the room – saving you more each month.
  4. Take Advantage of a Cool Summer Night. If you live in a climate that gets cooler in the evenings, open the windows overnight to let in the cool air. In the morning, shut all the windows and close curtains or blinds to trap the cool air in and help keep out the heat of the day.

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