10 things you need to know for Friday

1. U.S. hiring likely picked up last month after March swoon. Economists predict employers added 163,000 jobs in April, but that won’t be enough to lower the unemployment rate, which is expected to stay at 8.2 percent. Report at 8:30 a.m.

2. China hints at solution to standoff over activist. Chen Guangcheng’s high-profile pleas for U.S. sanctuary increase the pressure on Washington and Beijing to resolve his fate, with China saying he could apply to study abroad.

3. Gitmo hearing set for alleged 9/11 attackers. ive men accused of orchestrating the Sept. 11 attack, including the self-proclaimed mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, head back to a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay on Saturday.

4. In letters, bin Laden worried about al-Qaida image. n his last months, the leader was concerned that branches and allies were making the terror network look bad in the eyes of the Islamic world.

5. Ed Kennedy’s war comes full circle. AP’s chief executive is apologizing for a decision to fire its top European correspondent in 1945 for evading military censors who tried to bottle up news of Germany’s surrender in World War II.

6. Experts recommend scrapping key parts of missile-defense shield. The National Academy of Sciences is casting more doubt on whether the Obama administration’s Europe-based system can protect the United States.

7. Gays press campaign on Obama. Activists are urging the president to endorse same-sex marriage, and suggest political timidity is holding him back.

8. Philly priests, suspended 1 year, could learn fate. At 2 p.m., Archbishop Charles Chaput may decide the future of 23 priests suspended over child sex-abuse accusations.

9. The fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog is coming to life. The hometown of Peter Griffin on “Family Guy” will meld with reality Saturday when a local tourism council sponsors a bus tour highlighting state institutions featured on Fox’s hit show.

10. Career saves leader tears ligament in right knee. New York Yankees’ closer Mariano Rivera has a torn ACL, possibly putting the 42-year-old reliever’s career in jeopardy.

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