SEPTA Millionaires To Be Introduced Tomorrow

SEPTA logo with text

SEPTA logo with text (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pennsylvania’s newest millionaires are scheduled to be introduced during a news conference Friday afternoon. The winners, 48 SEPTA employees, struck it big when they hit the $172 million Powerball jackpot on April 25th. The lucky ticket was sold at the Newsstand at the Gallery Mall at 9th and Market Streets.

The employees work in departments throughout SEPTA Headquarters. The group is made up of people of different ranks and positions, including both union and administration/management. The group consists of a wide-range of individuals. Some have worked for SEPTA for as little as two years, and others have been with the Authority for nearly 40 years.

The prize has an annuity value of $172.7 million and a cash value of $107.5 million. It was not immediately known if the SEPTA workers were electing for the annuity or the lump sum payout. If the SEPTA workers take the cash option, they’ll split the $107.5 million prize. The news conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Friday at the SEPTA Headquarters located on Market Street.


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