Five Jobs Where Men Outearn Women for the Most Part

I recently came across this interesting article on were they talked about how the gender pay gap is still alive. According to the Census Bureau, women’s earnings were 77.4 percent of men’s in 2010. But which jobs are the worst for gender pay inequality? Online salary database ran the numbers to find out. Controlling for factors such as experience and education, PayScale discovered that certain jobs show a larger difference in pay between men and women. The differences in pay between the genders — with men outearning women — are largest in the following five jobs.

1. Sales Consultant
Difference in Pay: 27 Percent: 
Women represent 55 percent of the workers in this profession, but men still rake in 27 percent more in salary. PayScale lead analyst Katie Bardaro consistently observes large pay differences between the genders for many nonretail sales jobs.

2. Real Estate Broker
Difference in Pay: 23 Percent: 
Here’s a job where you’d imagine women would thrive, but men make up 57 percent of the workforce and earn 23 percent more. Amy Tennery, managing editor of The Jane Dough, a Web site that examines the business world from a female point of view, says that real estate is regularly named among the most discriminatory fields for women.

3. Recruiting Director
Difference in Pay: 20 Percent: 
Women account for 62 percent of these professionals who work closely with the human resources department to search for suitable employees. However, women earn a full 20 percent less on average than their male counterparts.

4. Portfolio Manager
Difference in Pay: 15 Percent: 
Men make up 74 percent of the workers in finance jobs and take home 15 percent more pay than women.

5. Chief Executive Officer
Difference in Pay: 15 Percent: 
Men monopolize this high-paying career, holding 79 percent of the positions and making 15 percent more than their female counterparts. CEOs should be fairly compensated for their grueling work schedules, but women fall behind when it comes to pay and representation in this job.

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