5 Ways to Save Money when Traveling


Summer is just around the corner therefore I thought I would share these 5 tips on how to save money while traveling according to Yahoo.com. You can see 5 more ways to save by viewing the full article here.

1. Eat Out only Once a Day

You’re in a new place, so you’ll more than likely want to sample the local fare, however that doesn’t mean you have to eat out for every meal. Settle on one meal a day to dine out, and go to the grocery store for inexpensive snacks and picnic type foods for the other two.

2. All aBoard!

Look into taking the train. It may take longer, but if you have the time, taking the rail to your destination instead of a plane can save you a tidy sum.

3. Wheel and Deal

If you’re on a road trip look for a hotel that has an empty parking lot, especially if it’s late in the day. This may mean they have many rooms open and you might be able to strike a deal. Of course you have to be bold enough to approach them about this, but many times, a hotel would rather rent a room at a lower price than not at all.

4. Avoid Tourist Traps

Visit places when it’s not popular to do so. For example, avoid openings of attractions and peak seasons. Furthermore, if you’re heading somewhere tropical, you might want to check out places that are recovering from hurricane damage, as these areas will most likely be in need of guests and be offering cheaper prices. Also, look for places that aren’t huge draws, such as less popular islands or cities that aren’t popular tourist attractions.

5. Free Things to Do

Before leaving for your vacation, research the local attractions, museums and the like for free or discounted days and plan your itinerary accordingly.

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