10 things you need to know for Monday

1. Obama’s health-care overhaul goes before the Supreme Court. Three days of hearings start at 10 a.m. will determine the fate of the law.

2. Cameron returns from a dive to the Earth’s deepest point. The “Titanic” director plunges nearly seven miles into the Pacific’s Marianas Trench in a specially designed submarine.

3. Next stop for the pope is Cuba. Benedict XVI, embraced by Mexicans who call him their brother, arrives on an island that until recently was officially atheist.

4. Obama’s challenge to North Korea. In Seoul for the nuclear summit, he implores Pyongyang “to have the courage to pursue peace.”

5. Wife defends soldier charged in Afghanistan massacre. Karilyn Bales tells NBC’s Today the accusations against her husband are “unbelievable.”

6. The White House is a draw for Obama contributors. The AP finds that the president is using privileged access to reward his most generous financial supporters.

7. How long it’s been since Tiger Woods had won a tournament. He looked as dominant as ever in winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational, his first PGA Tour victory since a sex scandal at the end of 2009.

8. Meet Izzy the beagle, U.S. agriculture’s first line of defense. She can be found circling baggage carousels in the international terminal at Kennedy Airport, searching for illegal food stowed in luggage.

9. Why Denver’s big Easter egg hunt has been cancelled. Organizers say too may aggressive parents swarmed in to make sure their kids got an egg.

10. Opening weekend of $155 million puts “The Hunger Games” in record book. The huge haul marks the third-best U.S. debut ever, behind the $169.2 million for the “Harry Potter” finale and the $158.4 million of “The Dark Knight.”

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