Is the video game industry Apple’s next victim?

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (Photo credit: marcopako )

While Apple has a well-earned reputation as the inventor of new markets, it’s also something of a serial killer. The company’s advances in digital music players made the Walkman an afterthought. The introduction of iTunes sounded a virtual death knell for many record retailers. The iPad cut the legs out from under the once fast-growing netbook PC market. And the iPhone has put Motorola in a fight for its life.

Now, the company looks to be focusing on the video game industry — and plenty of people are rightfully scared. The sheer numbers are overwhelming. In 2011 alone, the company says it sold 172 million “post PC” devices, an Apple term encompassing the iPhone, iPad and iPod. To put that into context, that’s nearly 30 million more than the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita added together.

And it’s worth noting that for the last two years, Apple has chosen to unveil the latest iPad smack in the middle of the video game industry’s Game Developer Conference, effectively sucking the oxygen out of the news cycle. Adding insult to injury, they’ve made that announcement right across the street from the GDC’s main convention hall.

Last year, Nintendo’s global president Satoru Iwata spoke passionately about the danger Apple (and other mobile companies) represent to the industry. “Game development is drowning,” he said. “Until now, there has always been the ability to make a living [making games]. Will that still be the case moving forward?”

To say Apple could outright kill the video game industry is a bit hyperbolic. A diminished market is not a dead one, and there will likely always be a demand for bleeding-edge products which can’t be played on an Apple device. For more information on this matter check out the full article originally posted by by clicking here.

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