Lady Gaga first to have 20 million followers on Twitter

Lady GaGa

Here is a little entertainment news that is trending throughout the internet Lady Gaga is the first “Tweeter” to hit 20 million followers, check out the article below originally posted by

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, social media genius. Whatever you want to call her, the 25-year-old pop star, nee Stefani Germonatta, is the first person to collect more than 20 million followers on Twitter. For comparison’s sake, Barack Obama, our nation’s president, has 12.8 million followers. Gaga has been the reigning queen of Twitter since August 2010, when she surpassed Britney Spears, the former record holder by getting 5.6 million followers.

Oh how times have changed. Spears is now the seventh-most popular Twitter user, with 13.6 million followers. The top five most followed people on Twitter are all pop stars. Justin Bieber, who has logged  almost 10 times as many tweets as Gaga, still only has 18 million followers. Katy Perry has 15.7 million followers, Shakira has 14.5 million, and Rihanna has 14.5 million.

Gaga has not yet acknowledged her 20-million-follower feat in her Twitter feed, although on Feb. 9, when her follower count topped 19 million she did chime in with, “19 Million Followers!!! HOLY HOOKER!!! *goes back to work*” Gaga’s success is even bigger on Facebook, where her Facebook page currently has 48.9 million likes. For more information check out the full article here.

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