10 things you need to know for Friday

Late-breaking news, upcoming events and stories of interest (times EST):

1. Yes, the GOP primary campaign will end. But not soon enough for some. Some Republicans want the fight to be over. Others argue patience is virtue in choosing the strongest nominee.

2. A question lingers after the death of Andrew Brietbart. Can Breitbart.com survive without the man who created it?

3. Yelp’s IPO price exceeds expectations. The reviews site makes its trading debut amid strong investor demand for a business yet to earn profits.

4. A Groupon promotion for a Jeffery Dahmer tour draws anger. But a marketing group still plans to bring sightseers to the bar where the serial killer met victims.

5. A family’s anguish and the disappearance that drew Bruce Springsteen’s interest. Police have no new leads in the case of Franco Garcia, the missing Boston College junior.

6. Why the trees don’t get cut along the Koreas’ DMZ. The last time it was tried, North Koreans hacked two U.S. soldiers to death with their own axes. Even now, pruning could set off America’s next big war.

7. The Marine kiss seen around the world. Sgt. Brandon Morgan didn’t expect to become a global phenomenon when he kissed his partner upon returning from Afghanistan. Then a friend posted their photo on Facebook.

8. How hockey became in icebreaker for Arab and Jewish teens in Israel. A mixed team thrives in an unlikely setting.

9. Finally looks like ski season in California’s Sierra Nevada. A storm dumped at least 6 feet of snow on the higher slopes.

10. “Carrie” is back on stage, but you have to wonder why. “Something terrible’s going to happen!” one character says in a new retelling of a gore-drenched prom. And the AP’s Mark Kennedy says she’s right

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