LeSean McCoy on Track to Set New Team Records

Eagles vs Redskins 10/16/11

Image by Matthew Straubmuller via Flickr

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan that realizes how amazing a player LeSean McCoy is, it is a little amazing to think that McCoy has reached the record books for a dubious reason. But that is what happened when the Eagles defeated the Miami Dolphins 26-10 on December 11. McCoy ran for 38 yards on 27 carries. That is the worst yards per carry average in NFL history for a running back with that many carries. Considering how dominant he was with the football prior to this game, it is pretty amazing that he could have that bad of a day running. However, McCoy should soon make the record books for a much better reason.

Despite his uncharacteristic day running the ball, McCoy did have two touchdowns against Miami. He has 17 on the season. That is one less than the franchise record holder. Steve Van Buren had 18 touchdowns in 1945. Van Buren also holds the rushing touchdown record for the franchise with 15. He also did that in 1945. McCoy is in position to break both of those. He needs two more touchdowns to pass Van Buren for the team touchdown record. If he gets two more on the ground, he will pass him on the rushing touchdown list as well.

Seeing that McCoy has scored in every game except one this season, he shouldn’t have a problem getting a couple more. McCoy has been a touchdown machine in 2011 and I don’t see that changing. He is the best player on the offensive side of the ball. Even when McCoy doesn’t get a lot of chances, he still finds the end zone. With a coach that loves to pass the football, we all know McCoy doesn’t get the number of chances he deserves. Andy Reid somewhat fixed that by giving him the football 27 times. He probably should have stopped after he realized it wasn’t working in the second half. But Reid should also know that one bad game doesn’t mean he shouldn’t give the ball to McCoy again. For more information and to read the full article visit Yahoo.com or by clicking here!

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