Would Firing Reid be a Mistake by Eagles?

The NFL’s firing season officially kicked off Tuesday in Jacksonville, where Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver announced that he was getting rid of coach Jack Del Rio and, oddly enough, himself. There are a whole lot of Eagles fans wistfully screaming, “We’ve got next!”

Some of those fans were the ones chanting “Fire Andy” at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field last Sunday as the Eagles absorbed a 38-20 defeat to the Patriots, dropping Philly to 4-7. That, of course, was in reference to Andy Reid, who was hired as the Eagles’ head coach in 1999 and is the longest-tenured person in his profession. Reid’s ouster may happen, especially given the meltdown quality to Sunday’s defeat, which included a sideline shoving match between two of his assistants, the benching of disgruntled and arguably disengaged Pro Bowl wideout DeSean Jackson and the all-but-official elimination of a team that openly loaded up for a Super Bowl run.

Michael Silver Yahoo Sports says, “I can see why Eagles fans are demanding change – it’s obviously needed. However, I don’t think firing Reid is the best move for the franchise, nor do I think he’s the person who deserves the bulk of the blame.”

The first thing to consider is that Reid, while influential in the organization’s football hierarchy, is not nearly the force he once was. In recent years the balance of power has swung to team president Joe Banner and the young general manager he groomed, Howie Roseman. They’re the ones who constructed this current Eagles team, engaged in the contract-related stare down with Jackson and unwittingly messed with the camaraderie within the locker room.

Reid, to his credit, rolled with the changing times and kept the Eagles competitive through last season, when he produced what might have been his greatest coaching job. That included a sudden but prescient audible from entrusting the post-Donovan McNabb quarterbacking duties to carefully groomed successor Kevin Kolb to riding the sublimely revived Michael Vick’s scorching-hot passing hand. The surreal trip ended in the first round of the playoffs, when Philly suffered a narrow defeat to the eventual Super Bowl champion Packers. As they looked ahead to 2011, all three of the Eagles’ power brokers were understandably convinced that an elusive title was within their grasp. To view the rest of the article visit Yahoo.com or click here. Voice your opinion by leaving us a comment below, We would love to here what you think the Eagles should do!

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