Occupy Philadelphia Runs Into Trouble

A small wrinkle in the otherwise tranquil Occupy Philadelphia encampment. A structure called a heating station was built on the Municipal Services Building plaza between Saturday night and Sunday morning. But it’s been removed. The large rectangular structure was built by Ron Paul supporters. That’s according to John Phillips of Occupy Philadelphia who says the building and some tents were moved over to the Municipal Services Building plaza.

“They started to move over there without a permit and the police stood up and said, ‘you guys don’t have a permit to be over there, you cannot be over here,’” Phillips says.

Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan says there were no permits for the heating station or the tents. After police talked to the small group, the structure and the tents were moved back to Dilworth Plaza.

“They agreed to move the structure over here where there is a permit and any issues dealing with the structure itself, we’ll follow up on that.”

The Occupiers are looking at a November 15th deadline to move. Chief Inspector Sullivan says the city is working to move the encampment when necessary permits are in place.

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