Irene could leave many without power for weeks

Repairing a power line in Weston, Florida.

Image via Wikipedia

It could take weeks to restore power to millions of people left in the dark by Tropical Storm Irene.
The lights went out for more than seven million people and businesses from Folly Beach, S.C., to Portland, Maine. And thousands of utility workers have begun the race to restore power. Getting the lights back on will be an enormous job for crews fanning across the East Coast. Irene ripped down power lines and crushed critical equipment near power plants. It flooded coastal cities with seawater, dousing electrical stations and threatening underground wires. Crews are still assessing the damage.

More than five million people and businesses remain without power, and the storm had led to the deaths of at least 20 people in eight states by Sunday evening. Some areas in its path, like Manhattan, were relatively unscathed by the weekend storm, while other areas will need days, or even weeks, to recover. The outages could be critical for the elderly, disabled and others who rely on community services. Power companies say they’ll try to get critical services running first. But many are just starting to understand the full extent of damage to the grid. Utility workers must traverse thousands of square miles to find out what’s down before they can start repairs. For any questions regarding your insurance policy contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today at

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