Shell North Sea Oil Spill

«Deep Sea Delta», boreplattform, her i Nordsjøen

Image via Wikipedia

More than 200 tonnes of oil could have entered the North Sea after Shell‘s recent spill, it has been estimated. A leak in a flow line leading to the Gannet Alpha oil platform 113 miles off Aberdeen was found last week. Shell said it was under control, and estimated 216 tonnes – 1,300 barrels had spilled. The Department of Energy and Climate Change said it was a “substantial” spill, but should disperse naturally. Glen Cayley, technical Director of Shell’s exploration and production activities in Europe, said: “It is not easy to quantify the total volume spilled but we estimate so far that it is around 216 tonnes. According to many this is a significant spill in the context of annual amounts of oil spilled in the North Sea. However, Industry body Oil and Gas UK said procedures are in place to deal with the leak. It is always very unfortunate to hear of an oil spill in the ocean because it causes great damages and problems including endangering wildlife. For more information check out the full article by clicking here. Looking to learn more about Social Media and how it can help your business? Visit our homepage today at for more information and a free quote!


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