Apple Launches iCloud Beta

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

iCloud, the new cloud computing platform from Apple and the replacement for many MobileMe features isn’t set to fully launch until this fall. But this week, Apple rolled out a limited version of iCloud for developers, and already, techies are foaming at the mouth. “As far as I can tell, most functionality is in and this beta is very close to the public release. The UI seamlessly blends elements of OS X Lion and iOS, using iOS-style alert pop-ups, but the look of Lion iCalfor example,” writes Mike Keller of PC World. ICloud will debut at a variety of price points: 5GB of storage a year is free, 10GB of storage costs $20 a year, 25GB costs $40, and 50 GB costs a hundred bucks.

So how does iCloud stack up against competing services from Amazon and Google? Over at Forbes,Brian Caulfield has a pretty good breakdown – “Amazon’s service appears to be the most straightforward, Google’s cloud storage offering is the cheapest, while Apple’s is shaping up to be the one that offers the best integration with your existing devices,” Caulfield writes. But that integration, along with the intuitive Apple interface, come at a price. “ICloud is clearly built to keep customers on Apple’s hardware and software,” Caulfield writes. “The ultimate promise: write a document on Apple’s iWork suite of applications and you’ll be able to access it from any of your other Apple devices, or the Web.” Of course, Apple’s MO is to keep people in the Apple mindset, from iTunes on down, so longtime users shouldn’t be too surprised. For more information regarding iCloud view the full article here and for a free insurance quote visit our website today

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