Nancy Grace Leads Media Outrage Over Anthony Verdict

Nancy Grace's Objection! — How High-Priced Def...

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Nancy Grace has attacked Casey Anthony for years, and the end of her trial was no different. Predictably, Grace had choice words for Anthony after her acquittal, saying on her HLN show that “the devil was dancing” following the verdict, reports The Atlantic Wire. Although the jury concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the Florida mother, that wasn’t enough to sway Grace, or several other TV personalities. A climax was reached after Tuesday’s verdict, when, against all odds and media coverage, Anthony was found not guilty. Naturally, after spending months and years arguing otherwise, Grace railed against the defense, who she claimed was performing a “champagne toast” afterward, and argued the media were blameless compared to the “tot mom.”

Other than Grace, the biggest outrage over the verdict was shown by Bill O’Reilly, especially when Geraldo Rivera tried to defend the jury’s ruling. Yet O’Reilly outshouted him, according to Entertainment Weekly, stating “I am so angry about this verdict!” — as most media figures seemed to be. Outrage from O’Reilly and Grace is nothing new or unexpected, given their reputations. Since these controversial figures are at the center of the media coverage, it only makes the subsequent doubt and criticism more obvious. To view the full article visit or click here. For a free insurance quote visit our website today at

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  1. Baez and Cheney both rule! 🙂 Nancy Grace remains in the toilet.

    Congratulations on achieving true Justice Baez and Cheney.

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