The Most Overpriced (and Underpriced) Cars of 2011

These are strange days for car dealers and consumers alike. On the one hand, a punishing economic climate has caused automakers to do away with incentives such as cash back and rock-bottom financing that drove crowds into showrooms for the past few years. On the other, buyers are showing that if a car is on their personal wish list, they’re willing to pay extra; in some cases, thousands of dollars extra.  Those two factors are instrumental in these two groups of three cars: The first of which are less in-demand vehicles priced well above what people are willing to pay, and the second of which have consumers running for their checkbooks even when that means paying more than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


1. Chevrolet ImpalaCurrently in its ninth generation, this legendary American nameplate isn’t moving consumers the way it did when it debuted in 1958

Base MSRP: $24,495

Average market value: $19,224

2. Ford RangerDespite decent gas mileage for a truck (22/27 mpg city/highway) pickup shoppers just aren’t willing to pay full sticker for the Ranger.

Base MSRP: $19,075

Average market value: $15,430

3. Chevrolet ColoradoFour doors and interior space rivaling some small sedans (the LT trim is available with six-passenger seating, thanks to an optional front bench) isn’t enough to entice buyers into a large and capable 4WD truck.

Base MSRP: $20,650

Average market value: $16,960


1. Kia OptimaThe Korean automaker is coming into its own, as this white-hot sedan’s status proves. Although priced low the car scores high marks for both interior fit-and-finish as well as thoughtful exterior touches common to  more expensive competitors

Base MSRP: $18,995
Average market price: $20,473

2. Nissan VersaTo be blunt, the Versa is a bit of a homely machine, but what it lacks in looks it clearly makes up for in sheer practicality and price.

Base MSRP: $11,240
Average market price: $11,924

3. Toyota PriusThe machine that made small but frugal machines cool is more desirable than ever, and several new models, including a nifty plug-in version, will soon debut.

Base MSRP: $21,650
Average market price: $22,901

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