Tiger Woods Will Be Sitting Out On His Own Event

Tiger Woods in 2007

Image via Wikipedia

Those who were hoping to see Tiger Woods again soon will be utterly disappointed, but it wasn’t like we didn’t see this coming. Woods announced via Twitter that he’d be out at the AT&T National next week, his own tournament, and it brings up the ongoing question of “When will we see Mr. Woods on the course again?”

Many seem to think Tiger will return for the British Open, but at this point, that could be just hopeful thinking. If he was going to skip the U.S. Open, he was doing it to be primed and ready for the next major, but with this announcement,  just means more time Tiger is away, and more rust that is settling on those golf clubs of his. According to a yahoo sports article , “Tiger will play for the rest of the year at three. If he skips the British, and then decides to play the PGA Championship, I’m sure he will try to toss in a few more end-of-season events, but at this point, we have no idea about his condition. Hopefully we will see Tiger Woods back out on the green sooner then later! For more information check out our homepage at http://www.kimberleyvassal.com

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