America’s Dirt-Cheap Housing Markets

Youngstown, 1910s: Central Square and Viaduct ...

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If you’re hunting for a real estate bargain, look no further: Here are cities where the typical home costs less than $82,000. The nation’s cheapest major housing market is the area in and around Youngstown, Ohio.

There, the median home price barely breaks $55,000, according to the National Association of Realtors. We’re not talking about hovels in slums; these are well-kept homes in nice suburban or city settings priced at levels to make consumers in pricey coastal markets ache with envy.

Here are the nation’s five cheapest housing markets:

No. 1 – Youngstown, Ohio
Median price: $55,400

No. 2 – Lansing, Michigan
Median price: $64,400

No. 3 – Toledo, Ohio
Median price: $64,900

No. 4 – South Bend, Ind.
Median price: $68,700

No. 5 – Akron, Ohio
Median price: $74,900

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