McDonald’s chicken will be more French and more ‘neutral’

McDonald's restaurant at Universal CityWalk Os...

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Chicken sandwich connoisseurs may notice a certain je ne sais quoi in McDonald’s new grilled chicken. That’s because the restaurant is stepping away from its traditional Italian-flavored chicken to achieve “a more neutral flavor profile,” Dan Coudreaut, McDonald’s menu director, told the Nation’s Restaurant News, an industry publication. The new premium chicken will be seasoned with mirepoix, which is a French seasoning made from onions, carrots, and celery, as well as salt, pepper, and “maybe a little garlic and herb,” Mr. Coudreaut told NRN. Chicken of this kind of refined subtlety needs a bun to match. The white bun, previously oval-shaped, will be swapped for a round one, with whole grains and cracked wheat.

Besides its new chicken recipe, McDonald’s has a few other changes afoot. It is reintroducing the Asian salad – which will be topped with the new chicken – and it is rolling out a few new sauces for its chicken McNuggets and Chicken Selects breast strips. For a free Philadelphia area insurance quote visit our website today at

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