Shifting terrorist threats after bin Laden’s death worry U.S. leaders

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The day after a team of U.S. Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in a stealth raid on his compound in Pakistan, the FBI updated its “10 Most Wanted Fugitives” list with one word under bin Laden’s undated photo: “Deceased.” But two weeks after the world’s most infamous terrorist was buried in the North Arabian Sea, there’s a central, lingering question in the sanctums of intelligence and military planning: Who are the new terrorist leaders causing U.S. counterterrorism officials to lose sleep? It’s a tricky question–not least because bin Laden himself was striving to sustain al Qaeda, and the Islamist movement more broadly, as a cell-based, leaderless effort that functioned independent of state support–a viral model of terrorist insurgency, in essence.

The High-Value Targets list “is where they put their resources,” the former CIA officer said. “These are the guys who are most important–and these are the guys we have the most information on.” So who are some of the two dozen terrorism suspects on the high-value target list? One obvious entry would be Saif al-Adel (Abu Saif), an Egyptian-born al Qaeda lieutenant, believed to be hiding in Pakistan, who was chosen interim chief of al Qaeda’s command and control in the wake of bin Laden’s demise, according to news reports out of Pakistan.

The News reported that in the wake of bin Laden’s demise other senior leaders have moved up the ranks within al Qaeda:”The sources said Adnan al-Kashri had been made in charge of the general information affairs. Muhammad Nasir al-Washi Abu Nasir has been made in charge of al-Qaeda Africa affairs, while Muhammad Adam Khan Afghani has been appointed as in charge of Afghanistan-Waziristan affairs. The sources said Fahad al-Qava had been appointed as the Urgent Operational Commander. The command of al-Qaeda has now been transferred to Egyptians. None of sons of Osama Bin Laden has shown willingness to join any post in the al-Qaeda.” For more information check out the full article here. For a free Philadelphia area insurance quote visit our website today at

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