McDonald’s Makeover?

Thank You

Image by elycefeliz via Flickr

Taking a cue from Starbucks, which saw phenomenal success in the past two decades after creating what sociologists call a “third place,” McDonald’shas announced that it will be spending some $1 billion on a revamp of its stores, in an effort to get customers to linger after downing their last McNugget. Changes will include the iconic fire-engine red that has graced the company’s 30,000-plus restaurants. In 800 US stores this year, it will be replaced by a more mellow terra cotta. On the walls will be fewer cartoon characters, and more contemporary art and photography. There will be less fiberglass, and more wood and faux leather. This, along with couches, armchairs, and free Wi-Fi, the revamped restaurants are all part of the McDonald’s makeover. The aim is to make the restaurants places to spend an afternoon sipping McCafé Mochas and munching on Apple Dippers. Or so McDonald’s executives hope. For more information check out the full article by clicking here. For a free Philadelphia Auto, Home, Business, or Life quote visit our website today at

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