Huskies Take Home 2011 NCAA Championship

It was one of the worst NCAA championship finals ever, but the Huskies will take a title any way they can get it. Connecticut beat Butler last night in the NCAA championship game, 53-41. Neither team shot well and, if you’re a fan of exciting basketball, you probably wouldn’t have liked this game or may have even turned it off.  It was 22-19 at halftime and the stars for both teams just couldn’t hit anything. Butler’s Matt Howard went 1-of-13 from the field and scored 7 points. Kemba Walker hit 5-of-19 shots and scored 16 points.  Butler shot an incredible low 18% from the field hitting just 12-of-64 shots. They were 9-of-33 from three-point land which was the only reason this game was close. UConn wasn’t shooting much better hitting just 34% of their shots and going 1-of-11 from three.

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