MLB Opening Day!

Baseball season is finally here!  ESPN’s released their expert picks and the long list of individuals on there all had the same idea.  Most experts believe it will be the Phillies and the Red Sox battling for the title.  Can you really blame them? Philadelphia has the best rotation in baseball, and Boston may just have the best lineup in the league.  Both teams want to win another championship, and they did what they had to do this off season to increase their chances.  The experts over at Sports Illustrated all share the same mindset as well. The majority of them have Boston taking home the title. 

Lets talk about our local team, the Phillies opening day is set for Friday. The Phillies will take on the Houston Astros.  They start a 3 game series that will include the first starts from 3 of the 4 pitching aces this season.  The Phillies look to get started on the right track, but the game might be postponed due to snow!  Yes, the Philly weather has not been so good lately and it will continue into the weekend. Let’s hope for great weather so we can see Roy Halladay get the first win of the season!


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