NCAA Bracket Time!

College Basketball on CBS

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This is the time of year every college basketball fan or sports fan in general waits for. Its March Madness! Offices are getting their pools together for employees and everyone is finalizing their brackets.  Filling out your bracket has become the most important thing over the last couples days. People who don’t even know college basketball just fill out the bracket for fun or the chance to win money. You never know and there is no right way to fill out the bracket which makes it fun for everyone. Filling out brackets has become so big this time of year that ESPN has created a show called “bracketology.” Usually brackets are due by the first game which is usually this thursday, but this year the NCAA added an additional 4 teams who already started playing. It is now called the first four round. If you are running a pool you had to decide whether or not you were going to include that new first four round or not. It doesn’t add much challenge because they are low seeds but it is still 2 more games to pick. Let us know who you picked to win it all and how many pools you are in this year for March Madness!


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