Apple iPad 2 to Hit the Market Next Friday!

Apple will release the new and improved ipad 2 next Friday March 11th. You will be able to order it online and have it shipped to your house for free or wait in line at Apple stores at 5pm. 

Apple has certainly made a huge upgrade to the new ipad2. They have made it slimmer then ever, actually it is slimmer then the iphone 4.  Apple has added a dual-core A5 processor chip which will make the new ipad 2 run twice as fast as the old one. Here are a few more of the upgrades that Apple has made.

9 times faster graphics

A 10 hour battery life

Two cameras, front and back, similar to the iphone 4

ipad smart cover


These are just a few things Apple has done to improve the ipad 2. To see everything go to Apple and you won’t miss a beat.

Look for the new iPad 2 to hopefully be in stores in the West Chester and Philadelphia area soon.  The local Apple stores in the area are the King of Prussia Store, Suburban Square Store and the Christiana Mall Store in Delaware.

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