Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

With swimsuit season right around the corner we turn our attention to Sport Illustrated but in particular the Swimsuit edition.  The cover of the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is no longer a secret, thanks to an office worker who leaked it on Twitter Monday afternoon, followed by a dramatic David Letterman reveal at midnight.  The cover girl, 25 year-old Irina Shayk, burst into tears last night when she found out she made the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.  When asked about her relationship with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, Shayk said “We Russian, we keep secrets”.   Also the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition features a new raising star to the model industry; that is 18 year-old Kate Upton. According to the Sports Illustrated website, Kate Upton “is a Midwest native who always dreamed of being a model. Fantasy became reality three years ago when she walked into an open call and booked her first job. Since then she has been the face for Guess Lingerie and appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan Bride. This is Kate’s first appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.”  Pictures of Irina Shayk (above) and Kate Upton (below) are provided by Sports Illustrated.



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