Toyota Recall 2011: 1.7 Million Cars Recalled

Another recall for Toyota? Yes, Toyota is continuing their recall trend with 1.7 million cars being recalled. The cars are being recalled due to issues with engine fuel pipes that can crack and leak, as well as faulty pressure sensors connected to the engine fuel delivery pipes. Including this recall by the company the total number of recalls by Toyota since 2009 end has reached 16 million cars. This statement was released “Slight cracks may appear on the engine fuel pipes. If it continues to be used, the crack may be widened and there may be risks of fuel leakage.” The cars affected include 245,000 of Toyota’s luxury Lexus vehicles in the United States, including the Lexus GS 300 and 350 models as well as the IS250 and IS350 vehicles. The Good news is no accidents have been reported over the defective parts in 140 reported cases. Call Kimberley Vassal Insurance Services today for a free Auto Insurance Quote!



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