Homeowner’s Insurance: Water Damage

Water damage can be very devastating, whether it be a leaking roof or a faulty washing machine, water damage can happen at anytime. According to the American Association of Insurance Services, water is the second leading cause of homeowners loss, the best defense is really prevention. Most water damage can be minimized or avoided by routine maintenance. Here are a few things to add to your spring clean up routine.

  • Inspect your roof for normal wear and tear. Do so on the ground to be extra cautious.
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts. They direct water away from your foundation and roof.
  • Inspect water lines in your refrigerator and toilet. If any kinks and or cracks are found that might obstruct water flow replace the entire tube.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses for damage. It is recommended you replace hoses every five years. For the best results choose a higher quality hose.

For more information about water damages and how insurance can help contact a Kimberley Vassal Insurance agent today at 800.511.9377.


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